The most beautiful sunset in your life

What was the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen? Bright stars over the French Riviera. The scorching, dazzling setting sun of the Middle Eastern deserts. The soft, warm sunset of the Mediterranean. No matter what your most vivid, memorable, and magical sunset was like, it can be recreated. Or even created from scratch. In the interiors of the Terracotta hall.

Here, the sun sets on the horizon, its warm gentle rays play on your face, and you become the main character of your own film

Terracotta features decorative figures resembling sand dunes, high arches with classical forms, furniture that echoes the color palette of the walls, and contrasting pieces with African motifs at their core. We have crafted an interior where the atmosphere, details, textiles, and accessories create a parallel reality.

108 sqm

Halls area

300 AED

Per 1 hour

3.9 m

High of ceiling

1 hour
min time

Minimal hire

2 Profoto

include to rent


in the hall

  • Rent 1 hour 350 AED
  • Rent 2 or more hours 300 AED / hour
  • Earlier than 09:00 / after 22:00 +100 AED / hour
  • Makeup table in a common area 100 AED / hour

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