Who would you like to be today: Alice in Wonderland or Carrie Bradshaw getting ready for a date in her New York apartment? The Pink Hall is a space capable of bringing any visual dream to life. Favorite shoes, a glass of Cosmopolitan, you, and the Pink Hall – a recipe for a stylish photoshoot in the spirit of your favorite series. A cup of tea, the Cheshire Cat or your favorite cat, you, and the Pink Hall – ingredients for a magical shoot in Wonderland style.

Breathe life into your visual dream in the Pink Hall –
and it will definitely make it happen!

The delicate, spacious, stylish Pink Hall is the perfect backdrop for your transformations, rich in textures and materials: fur, velvet, plush, pile… We created it as a living embodiment of the glossy pages of your favorite magazine, the backdrop of fairy tale lands and unknown planets, and the living illustration of your favorite stories.
Change your looks, transform, be different, but always stay yourself! Follow the white rabbit! 🖤

75 SQM

Halls area

300 AED

From 2 hour

3.9 M

High of ceiling

1 hour
min time

Minimal rent

2 Profoto

Include to rent


In the hall

  • Rent 1 hour 350 AED
  • Rent 2 or more hours 300 AED / hour
  • Earlier than 09:00 / after 22:00 +100 AED / hour
  • Makeup table in a common area 100 AED / hour

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